About us



Syntarqui is a textile editor, a converter and distributor of technical fabrics for architecture and interiors.

Our productions distinctive mark is the metal look.
Syntarqui enters and finds a place in the architecture industry to fill the gap between industrial metal fabrics and traditional design fabrics used for glass lamination, by creating an innovative and performing range of products.
Researc and Development combined to creativity are the essences of Syntarqui’s fabrics.
The outcome of all this is the uniqueness of Bronze metal available in the Arquifil and Glam ranges for all glass, curtains and separation walls applications.
Arquifil and Glam are true work references for architects and designers.

technology, fashion, italian style, made to application products, certifications for glass lamination




We take a first look with the architects at their ideas.

We evaluate the design requirements of the project and offer the right project.


We advise all architects and designers and offer a right structural solution.

We provide all the needed assistance for the creation of custom products.

We produce all samples for the right evaluation and choice of the final product.